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Recent engagements and customer feedback

Well, I admire your faith, and this section is growing, but there's more to come...
I have made a start by uploading a copy of the paper I recently co-authored with Susan Landau and Hubert Le Van Gong - two great colleagues from my previous role at Sun Microsystems - "Achieving Privacy in a Federated Identity Management System.  You'll find that under Portfolio/Resources, where you will also find a copy of my paper on 'Identity and Privacy in the Digital Age', which was published in the International Journal of Intellectual Property Management.
Under Recent Engagements you will find news of Future Identity's first consultancy work,as well as some of the other projects I am working on to keep Future Identity relevant and visible.
There are several other things in the pipeline, so do check back as this section grows into a repository of (I hope!) useful and interesting reports.