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A (brief) company history

As of 19th July 2010 I will take up a new post, as a Research Director with Gartner Group (more precisely, in the Identity and Privacy Strategies team under the Burton Group brand).
I will therefore no longer be doing business through Future Identity.
This website will remain in place, as a repository for presentations and publications. 

I founded Future Identity at the end of 2008, as I left the world of corporate employment to set up as a freelance consultant. Before Future Identity, I was a Systems Engineer at IBM for 12 years (1985-1997), then moved to become Principal Consultant at a UK start-up, JCP Computer Services, and was still working there when JCP was acquired in 2000 by Sun Microsystems. I worked at Sun for 8 years, spending 4 years in EMEA technical pre-sales, and then 4 years in the Corporate Technology Office.
In the four years from 2004-2008 I was one of Sun's representatives at the Liberty Alliance consortium, where I co-chaired the Public Policy Expert Group - a role which led me to an increasing focus on issues of privacy and public policy. From 2006-2008 I organised and moderated a global series of Privacy Summit discussions with stakeholders from the academic, policymaker, legal, technical, commercial and privacy communities. The principles which came out of those Summit discussions formed the core of Future Identity's consultancy activities, and continue to be used, refined and extended through subsequent consultancy work.