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About the Company


The key aim of Future Identity is to promote improvements in the management of digital identity and privacy, through an appropriate blend of four things: principles, conceptual clarity, technology and governance.

I refer to Future Identity as offering "structured" consulting because my intention is to make sure that all the consulting activity is underpinned and guided by those four elements. This will help Future Identity and its clients quickly reach a mutual understanding about the context in which specific engagements will be undertaken.
Although this may seem a paradox, digital identity and privacy are always multi-party things, which means there are always multiple stakeholder interests to be satisfied: for example, those of identity providers, replying parties and data subjects. In all likelihood, my clients are more likely to come from the first two categories rather than the third. The commitment I make as an independent consultant is that I will ask the questions - even if they are sometimes awkward ones - about how the data subject's interests are represented in identity systems.


Consultancy Topics

The emerging digital identity landscape, and its effect on your corporate strategy
Privacy Impact Assessments  for public sector and commercial organisations
Managing identity in a downturn: technology and governance in a contracting economy
Privacy in future networks