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Personal Profile

I am a fluent and experienced communicator with a background of over 25 years in information technology. I bridge the gap between intellectual and technical skills on the one hand, and diplomatic and commercial awareness on the other, translating and mediating between those on either side. I am equally at ease dealing with technologists, businesspeople and policymakers, and have built a reputation for being able to articulate and balance their various stakeholder interests.
Colleagues have commented that I can deal with technical complexity while keeping a steady eye on the business context – and can act pragmatically while keeping the strategic perspective in mind.
I have applied my technical expertise and industry experience to highly creative innovation in the fields of privacy and digital identity.
Over the last fifteen years, I have worked in roles with a European or global remit. In matters of identity and privacy I am keenly interested in the role played by different cultural and regulatory contexts, and identifying what they have in common and what sets them apart. I speak fluent French and reasonable German, and have at times learnt enough to get by in Russian, Turkish, Norwegian and Japanese.

From 2005 to 2009, I was a highly visible external ambassador for Sun Microsystems and the Liberty Alliance, building their credibility with policymakers, academics, lawyers and privacy advocates around the world. I have established a good working relationship with senior analysts in the Identity Management field, and I am a respected thought leader in the digital identity/privacy community, with a reputation for integrity and incisive analysis.
I established Future Identity at the beginning of 2009 to offer independent, structured consulting on digital identity, privacy and public policy. 
At the beginning of 2010 I was appointed Director of Privacy and Public Policy for the global Kantara Initiative, following on from my equivalent role in the Liberty Alliance in 2009.
In July 2010 I take up a new full-time role, as a Research Director with Gartner Group, specialising in industry analysis of digital identity, online privacy and access management. 

Robin has been actively engaged in discussing the technical and social implications of various public identity projects, and has put across his views in a way that makes them simple to understand. He's demonstrated his integrity time and again in the way that he's handled the issues, and is a real pleasure to work with.

Business Associate at EPG