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As of July 2010 I am no longer doing business through Future Identity, but I continue to work on the topics of digital identity, privacy and data ethics as elements of online trust.
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Updated on 12th October 2017
October 2017
A long-overdue update to the site. I have added several documents to the  Portfolio->Resources page, including papers on ethical data-handling, digital identity and privacy primer, etc.
I have left the old entries below, as a historical curio...
July 2010
Latest publication: "Identity Management" chapter in the "Handbook of Financial Cryptography and Security" - available from CRC Press.
Workshop on "Privacy and Regulation" with DIFI (Norwegian Government department for public administration and IT).
June 2010
Latest article, co-authored with Sverre Bauck: "Identifiers in Electronic Public Procurement" - in Telektronikk journal.
Keynote address at the OTS 2010 conference, University of Maribor, Slovenia: "What Is The Value Of Your Digital Identity?"
New publication: "Identifiers in Public Sector e-Procurement", with Sverre Bauck (Difi, Norwegian Government)
Workshop at Consumer Focus on Smart Grids and consumer privacy
Presentation/panel appearances on both days of this year's eeema European e-ID conference

May 2010
Several speaking engagements in London this month:
- Mobile VCE conference
- Breakfast Briefing at Lewis Silkin (Law Firm)
- My second mashup* event
Back to Sheffield for Lilian Edwards' excellent inaugural lecture on online privacy and IT law.
Highlight of the month, the "wake" for the ID Card Scheme: if a bomb had landed on that pub that evening, digital civil liberties in the UK would have been set back by about 20 years ;^)
April 2010:
Sheffield, to speak at the e-Forum conference. In some way, this angered the Volcano Gods, who retaliated by wiping out planned trips to Burton Catalyst EU, and the ISO SC27 WG5 meetings in Kuala Lumpur (where I was appointed editor of ISO 20190 - Privacy Capability Assessment Model)
Did manage to get to Brussels (by train) for a European Commission review of the FP7 PARSIFAL project.
March 2010:
Kantara Initiative plenaries in Hillsboro, Oregon
Helped run/facilitate an ID-Legal round-table in Washingont DC for the Internet Society (ISoc)
Travelled to Frankfurt for the PrimeLife Project's Advisory Group meeting 
February 2010:
Got confirmation from British Computer Society (BCS) of successful application for Fellowship: am now officially an FBCS.
Attended EU Trust in Information Society conference (León) on behalf of Internet Society (ISoc)
In London to hear David Cameron speak at the Post Bureaucratic Age (PBAge) conference, Shoreditch.
January 2010:
  • Acting editor of ISO 29190 - Privacy Capability Assessment Framework
Spoke at
  • MISC2010 conference, London
  • CPDP conference, Brussels
December '09:
  • Confirmation of Director of Privacy and Public Policy role for Kantara Initiative
  • EPG Identity Strategy Workshops at Centre for Policy Studies
November '09:
  • Expert Reviewer for European Commission FP7 Critical Financial Infrastructure project;
  • Ministerial e-Government conference, Malmø
  • Speaking at JISC Federated Access Management conference, Cardiff
  • Talk at Reading University
Future Identity blog shortlisted in ComputerWeekly blog awards 2009, in the IT Consultant/Analyst category.
Tues 3rd November: spoke at IDM 2009, Canary Wharf, on the Kantara Initiative and Privacy/Public Policy Work Group
Mon 2nd November: at the RSA to hear Home Secretary Alan Johnson on "Security in the 21st Century"
October '09: New client - European Commission project review, Rome
October '09: Presented on "Privacy and Policy in an Economic Downturn" at Net-ID 2009, Berlin
October '09: Submitted paper on "Privacy Enhancing Technologies" to Information Security Technical Report.
September '09: Completed chapter on Identity Management for "Financial Cryptography" book.
September '09: Kantara Initiative plenary meetings, DIDW conference, Las Vegas
August '09: New client - research work on European national identity implementations.
August '09: New client - research project on service provider attitudes to user privacy.
July 27th-31st: Presentation at Burton Catalyst '09, San Diego. "Onions, Ladders and Surfing Naked" (well hey, it's San Diego, right?)
Catalyst Conference
July 24th.: Privacy workshop for UK public sector body: what are digital identity and privacy, and how do they relate to data protection practice? More information...

Meeting of the All-party Parliamentary Group on Privacy, House of Commons.
EPG workshop on "The Ethical Foundations of Cybersecurity", at the Cabinet Office.
"Digital Footprint and Personas": panel at the BeingDigital event on June 9th, in London. No slides, but a blog post here with some thoughts on "social networking" and privacy.
Identity in the Information Society (IDIS) workshop at the LSE in London on June 5th.
"Identity and Privacy in an Economic Downturn" presentation at the Butler Group Strategy Briefing on Weds. June 3rd. Slides available online, here.
5th May 2009
Opening keynote at GSS Identity Management and Privacy Conference in Johannesburg. Presentation available online, here.

Future Identity engaged to prepare "Director of Privacy and Policy" role for Kantara Initiative